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InfoNet™ – professional solution for GIS Asset Management of water supply and sewer systems


InfoNet™ is a powerful, multiuser software platform for managing water supply and sewerage asset data. Combining the latest geospatial technologies (GIS) with powerful RDBMS InfoNet provides complete integration of all technical and operations data.

InfoNet™ is purposely built to serve utilities, engineers and consultants providing a carefully designed user interface and state-of-the-art tool set thus making GIS Asset Management an easy to use and cost-effective solution (why?).

 65 years of international experience:

InfoNet™  is a result of more than 65 years of international experience in data integration and asset management of hundreds of leading enterprises in the area – utilities, consultants, engineers.  Its exceptionally detailed data models fully comply with the current requirements for data management for the water infrastructure. InfoNet™ supports many well established international standards such as EU EN13508-1(2), MACP and PACP (USA), MSCC (UK) and others.

InfoNet™ provides out-of-the-box detailed geospatial data models for building exact copies of water supply and sewer systems along with all operations activities, incidents and complaints, field surveys and so on. With its integrated functionality, InfoNet easily connects all types of digital content to its network spatial objects and database elements thus converting itself into a single geocentric access point to the whole network related company data set. – from a water source to a client:

  • Remote files integration – InfoNet™ allows unlimited number of hyperlinks (both relative and absolute) to be created for any network object (pipe, valve, manhole, meter, zone, etc) to any file type – documents, images, video files, internet sites, etc;IN-CorporateSetUp-EN
  • Real-time SQL queries to remote RDBMS – InfoNet™ provides sophisticated technology to connect any network object to external databases (SCADA, Billing, CRMs, ERPs, etc.) using real-time SQL querying . For example - plotting a graph with a DMA invoiced consumption directly from the Billing database with just clicking on the DMA zone polygon inside InfoNet (See an InfoNet EDS example video here).;
  • Sophisticated IMPORT / EXPORT functionality – InfoNet™ provides a built-in toolset for user defined IMPORT / EXPORT of both geometry and attribute data from / into all standard formats such as ESRI SHP, ESRI Geodatabase, MapInfo MIF/TAB, MS Access, MS SQL Server, ORACLE Database and more. CCTV and MS data (attributes, video, images) can be automatically imported using predefined algorithms from all standard formats – STC25, WinCAN,Examiner, MACP, PACP. For complete IMPORT/EXPORT automation, there is InfoNet™ Exchange Server under additional licensing.


InfoNet™ is a completely standalone  product that brings out-of-the-box all tools and technologies required for single workstations or for complex corporate environments:

  • proprietary, self-sufficient technology for creating and managing spatial network databases - no special IT knowledge nor additional licensing required;
  • professionally designed UI allows complete database management for every user with basic computer literacy - database contents, data migration, data exchange, backups, user management, etc.;
  • integrated support for using MS SQL Server and ORACLE Database as data stores;
  • the InfoNet™ Workgroup Data Server (included in the license) automatically serves multi-user access to the databases;
  • the InfoNet™ EDS (External Data Server) - also in the standard license - allows real-time querying and data visualisation from any network object (revenue meter, DMA zone, etc.) to external SQL-compliant  RDBMS such as ERP, CRM, Billing, SCADA, etc.

Even acquiring one single license provides all tools and technologies to set up complex and completely integrated data management solution.

InfoNet™ provides directly out-of-the-box a professionally designed toolset for executing any type of technical activity - from simple tasks (such as digitizing and building the base geospatial network models) to complex data analyses and operations / asset management projects:

  • digitizing and building complete geospatial network models of both water supply and sewer networks by multiple users simultaneously in one single geospatial database;
  • creating and applying digitization templates;
  • digitizing (building) of geospatial network models with real-time intelligent object SNAP regime including snapping to external GIS layers;
  • automated topology building along with comprehensive topology tools - connectivity analysis, connectivity trace, proximity trace, automated pipe splitting and adding lateral objects, pipe, and network isolation trace, etc.;
  • real-time engineering data validation using both pre-defined and user-defined validation rules;
  • unique, user configurable, flagging system for robust control of both data origin and quality for every single object attribute;
  • comprehensive functionality for integrating external GIS (both vectors and rasters) and CAD layers and storing Layer Catalogues (layer lists) inside the InfoNet database - wide range of ESRI, Autodesk, MapInfo, Microstation, etc. file formats are supported;
  • visualizing and interactive editing in geoplans, tables, long section profiles and 3D views of the water supply and sewer geospatial network models;

 InfoNet Multiple Views and SQLIN GeneralViewIN General 03InfoNet - Full object history

  • automated editing and complex analysing using SQL and RUBY scripting including geospatial data extraction from external GIS layers;
  • intuitive and comprehensive printing layout generation using geoplans, tables, long section profiles, 3D views and custom graphic objects;
  • automated report generation using a wide range of pre-defined and user editable templates directly into HTML and MS Office compatible formats;
  • easy data recovery using UNDO / REDO and network version history;
  • automated network version comparison and real-time editing history of every network object (pipe, valve, manhole, etc.).
  • many others...

InfoNet™ integrates the complete network geospatial models with all standard operations activities such as field surveys, incidents and customer complaints, asset maintenance and reconstructions. The professionally designed data models strictly comply with the internationally adopted standards and among all - those in use in EU.

The multiuser architecture of InfoNet™ allows multiple administrative units to work simultaneously so someone can build and update the geospatial network models while others can plan and integrate data of / from operations activities. This way a complete and always up-to-date assets data set is maintained on a daily basis and easily shared across the organizations.

InfoNet - Operations Data Integration and AnalysisInfoNet - Operations Activities Dashboards

  • topological integration of incidents and customer complaints (divided into standard classes) with the water supply and sewer geospatial models;
  • planning, managing and topological data integration of / from all types of field surveys - Manhole Survey, Flow Survey, CCTV, GPS, Leakage Detection, Water Quality Tests, etc – in strict compliance with the internationally adopted standards;
  • planning, managing, and topological data integration of / from all types of operations activities – asset maintenance and reconstructions;
  • intelligent planning of tasks and work packages using user defined resource and material libraries;
  • automated cost / price calculation of operations tasks and work packages with control of estimated over actual costs;
  • automated generation of summary and detailed reports for incidents, field surveys and operations activities using pre-defined and user editable templates directly into HTML and MS Office compatible formats;

InfoNet™  can be purchased as four licensing versions allowing any combination:

  • InfoNet™ Desktop – base license offering the standard functionality of the software platform;
  • InfoNet™ Suite – a powerful extension of InfoNet™ Desktop that enables designing, building, and editing of user-defined geospatial models (gas, electricity, etc.) thus converting InfoNet into universal infrastructure management system;
  • InfoNet™ Executive Suite – adds complete automated data integration to InfoNet™ Suite:

InfoNet™ Exchange – server and comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for data exchange automation between InfoNet and external information systems but also automatic execution of complex data editing tasks;

InfoNet™ TSBD – scalar time series database, which allows for connecting any geospatial object to sources of historic and real-time time varying data – SCADA, meteo stations, etс.;

  • InfoNet™ Viewer – brings all of the analytical power of the platform without the ability to edit the geospatial models and the database main content.

When purchasing InfoNet the client can combine freely the number and the type of the available license options in order to achieve the optimal proportion between price and functionality. All clients with valid support agreement can upgrade their licenses temporary or permanently for only the difference in list prices. For more information please  contact us.


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