ModellingAquaMOD Ltd offers a complete set of services in the field of the computer hydraulic modelling. We are among the pioneers who have introduced this, undoubtedly, most powerful and widely adopted method for studying, analysing and designing of water supply and sewer (drainage) systems. During the last several years we have compiled a comprehensive methodology for hydraulic modelling based on the good engineering practices in Europe but more specifically – on the theoretical and managing principles that are widely used in the United Kingdom. We have mastered at an expert level the leading software platforms InfoWorks WS and InfoWorks ICM (INNOVYZE®) but also we have gained professional experience in using MikeUrban (DHI), SynerGEE Water (DVN GL) , WaterCAD (Bentley Systems) , EPANet (US EPA) and others.

AquaMOD Ltd is currently equipped with all the software and hardware resources to provide high-quality services in the field of hydraulic modelling – InfoWorks ICM, InfoWorks WS, powerful GIS and RDBMS tools based on open source products.

  • Preliminary feasibility studies for hydraulic modelling projects to define the real modelling needs based on cost – benefit analyses;
  • Complete studies to define the model scale, model type and the required accuracy according to the internationally adopted standards and methodologies;
  • Planning and managing of all activities as part of the model building and implementation such as field surveys (MS, IAS, FS, CCTV, etc.), documentary studies, quality control as well as complete technical audit on execution of hydraulic modelling contracts;
  • Expert consultancy services in preparing technical specifications as part of hydraulic modelling tender procedures and contracts.

  • Development of custom procedure books for hydraulic modelling in accordance to the contract specifics, the internationally recognized methodologies and the modelling software specifics;
  • Technical data digitization, engineering validation, and subsequent data integration as part of hydraulic modelling projects;
  • Building of all types of computer hydraulic models (conceptual, skeletal, detailed, detailed for designing, etc.) in accordance with the internationally recognized best practices and specific requirements;
  • Updating, up-scaling and adding details to existing hydraulic models based on specific requirements and best practices;
  • Hydraulic models calibrating (verifying) in accordance with specific requirements, model type and definition based on the best engineering practices;
  • Defining, running and analysing of simulation scenarios – operational, design cases, levels of services compliance and so on – based on specific requirements and internationally recognized methodologies. Simulation results analyses for technical reliability and model instability troubleshooting;
  • Complex network performance analyses – failure criticality, operational optimization schemes, levels of service compliance, probability and return period analyses (RPA) for network failures and disaster events, food mapping and much more.

For the first time on the Bulgarian market, AquaMOD Ltd offers a set of innovative services specifically developed for engineers and engineering teams in designing of water supply and sewer networks. By utilising the computational power and the data management capabilities of the hydraulic models along with our extensive experience in designing we are ready to provide expert aid in creating a powerful base for large scale design projects. The designers would benefit greatly at minimal cost by dramatically lowering the production time while minimizing the manual data processing and the risk of random errors. The main types of services are:

  • Developing of design type hydraulic models as a basis for large-scale design projects – data digitization, engineering validations, GIS spatial data extraction, setting up the required design parameters and so on, based on the specific requirements of the partnering engineering team;
  • Running design state simulations, analysing various network versions, optimizing performance of compound hydraulic structures and facilities in exceptionally short times;
  • Data extraction and compiling of preprocessed data sets to be used by the designers to produce the project documentation such as technical drawings, design tables, technical notes, etc.

AquaMOD Ltd offers these special services at very competitive prices upon further negotiation. For more information please contact us.



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